Cake Flavors

Chocolate    Mocha    Red Velvet    Vanilla  •  Citrus Olive Oil    Almond    Carrot Cake  •  Lemon  •  Peanut Butter    Sherry Olive Oil Pound Cake 

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Flavors

Chocolate    Vanilla    Almond    Lemon    Coconut    Dulce de Leche    Salted Caramel    Orange    Creamsicle    Coffee    Mocha    Cinnamon    Strawberry    Caramelized White Chocolate    Hazelnut    Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

Cream Cheese Frosting    Chocolate Sour Cream Icing

Cake Fillings

Dark Chocolate Ganche    Milk Chocolate Ganache    Coffee Custard    Lemon Curd    Strawberry Jam    Raspberry Jam    Peach Jam    Dulce de Leche    Apple Butter


Single Tier Cakes

Base pricing includes smooth or textured buttercream, and a piped message.

6” round    $55 (serves 12)

7” round    $75 (serves 18)

8” round    $95 (serves  24)

9” round    $125 (serves 32)

Multi Tier Cakes

Base pricing includes smooth or textured buttercream.

6” and 8” rounds    $210 (serves 35)

6” and 9” rounds    $270 (serves 45)

6” and 8” and 10” rounds    $450 (serves 75)

6” and 9” and 12” rounds    $600 (serves 100)

Custom Celebration Cakes

Custom celebration cakes begin at $250 due to the time and details that go into each creation. Please reach out with your ideas and we can provide a more specific quote for pricing.


Standard Size    $3 each (2 dozen minimum)

Mini Size    $1 each (4 dozen minimum)

Ready to Order?

Head to our contact page to tell us more about your dream cake. We can’t wait to design the perfect creation for you!